Hall Of Fame Award Recipients

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The Hall of Fame Award is given by the Director or Chairman of the Work, to men who epitomize faithful service to the Valley of Green Bay in the performance and staging of the degrees of the Scottish Rite. The recipients of this award have spent long hours, and often years, laboring together at the many rehearsals leading up to our reunions, so that class after class of new members may see the highest possible quality of ritual degree work, be inspired by the performance of Scottish Rite degrees, and may resolve to live the lessons they have learned in their own daily lives.

Some of these men work as actors on stage, others backstage, still others do technical work with lights and sound. Other men help with costumes and makeup, with scenic design and set construction, and still others greet our members, candidates, dignitaries and other visitors to our reunions and degrees, and help them to have the most meaningful and inspiring time possible while they are at our reunions.

Because many of these men work long hours behind the scenes, we recognize and honor them with the Hall Of Fame Award. It is the highest honor we can give to men who are devoted to sharing the lessons of the Scottish Rite Degrees with their fellows.

Daniel H. Stahmer, 32°
Almer E. Helgerson, 32°
Raymond J. Laubenstein, 32°

Russell R. Gettleman, 33° MSA
Gilbert M. Lenius, 32°
Alfred A. Rakow, 32°
William H. Hanrahan, 32°
Charles J. Greimer, 32°
Emery J. Ansorge, 33°

Robert L. Von Haden, 32°
Otto A. Klug, 32°
Harry W. Frink, 32° MSA
Thomas S. Evens, 32° MSA
John E. Grebel, 32°
Donald E. Wolfe, 32°

Forrest H. Hansen, 32°
Oliver M. Hitch, 33°
Bernard W. Huebner, 33° MSA
Albert E. Draeger, 32° MSA

Robert E. Biskner, 32°
Raymond L. Hoeft, 33°
Gordon Y. Chase, 32° MSA
Robert A. Cameron, 32°
Charles E. Gettelman, 32° MSA

Leonard D. Ferris, 33° MSA
Andrew Geris, 32°
Robert B. Nienow, 33°
Loren L. Soderbeck, 32°
James K. Johnson, 32° MSA

John A. Bennie, 32° MSA
William B. Dresser, 33° MSA
Ralph F. Knowlton, 33° MSA

Edward C. Aude, 32° MSA
Walter H. Kloppmann, 32° MSA
Thomas S. Pinney Jr., 33° MSA
John I. Polzin, 32° MSA
Levern J. Zwirchitz, 32°

Lyle S. Steward, 32°
John H. Jabas, 32°
Richard H. Lau, 32° MSA
Thomas F. Steffen, 32° MSA
W. Sheridan Huss, 33° MSA
August Peters, 32° MSA
George L. Gay, 32°
Vernon A. Sorenson, 32°
Carl L. Roehl, 32°
Harold N. Toson, 32°

James S. Wade, 33°
Roland S. Wozniak, 32°
Joseph S. Walag, 32°
Alvin B. Malmberg, 32° MSA

A. Wayne Paschke, 33° MSA

Ralph J. Chamberlain, 32°
Gary J. Cornelissen, 33°
John M. Derenne, 32° MSA
William H. Francis, 32°
Bradley A. Ottum, 32°
Kent R. Pauli, 32°
Gerald C. Sauer, 32°
Peter R. Scheinert, 32° MSA
Paul R. Schmidt, 32°
David C. Wade, 32°
Emmett F. Weniger, 32°
William E. Wenszell, 33°
Louis H. White, 32° MSA

Dennis H. Pauli, 32° MSA
Wayne K Hendrick, 32°
Roger A. Crass, 32°

Thomas M. Turner, 33°

Ross J. Chapman, 32°
Scott A. Davis, 32°
Craig J. Cloutier, 32°
Todd R. Roalkvan, 32°
Donald W. Marks, 32°
Roger N. Hamilton, 32°

Donald F. Kiernan 32°
Roger C. Lindow 32°
Lee Burlison 32°
Jeffrey B. Mainville 32°
Moses H. Adams, III, 32°
Dennis J. Dal Santo, 32°
Jimbo Herman, 32°
William L. Sherry, 32°
Gary A. Shriver, 32°
Kenneth H. Weinhauer, 32

Christopher J. Young 32°
A. Chris Gans, 32°

 Henry J. Buchman, 32°

Charles C. Clarage, 32°
John H. Sage, 32°
James H. Clark, 32°
John L. Clark, 32°

Paul M. Smith, 32°
Preston R. O’Connor, 32°

James F. Van De Hey, 32°
Deen C. Oscarson, 32°
Michael J. Belanger, 32°

Nathan M Stiefvater , 32°