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Scottish Rite membership is open to all Master Masons in good standing with their Symbolic or Blue Lodge, who wish to expand their understanding of the teachings found in the first three Degrees of Masonry.

Ask any Scottish Rite Mason for a petition or drop by the Scottish Rite office located at 525 North Taylor Street, Green Bay, WI 54303. Petitions in Adobe .PDF format are also available for download here:

What’s Next?

During your initiation the lessons (allegories) of the degrees 4° through 32° are dramatically presented to bring important and timeless lessons into your life. You observe theatrical performances of the degrees. There is no memory work required.

The Scottish Rite degrees are generally dramatized for candidates two times a year – during Scottish Rite “Reunions” which are held each Spring and Fall. Reunions conclude with a banquet where you and your lady will enjoy the fellowship of the men who shared the Scottish Rite initiation experience as you, and with many new friends… men and women… who are waiting to meet you and to welcome you to the organization. Additionally, each year, Scottish Rite officers plan events and activities designed to involve Mason’s and his family. The Valley sponsors a wide variety of social activities for you and your lady throughout the year – and there are activities for your children to enjoy, too!

Once you are a Scottish Rite Mason, you can avail yourself of numerous opportunities for personal growth You may join our degree teams and work to pass the lessons you have learned from our degrees on to new generations of men. Any member may choose to help us to stage our degrees. You may develop your talents in stagecraft, acting, music, makeup, lighting, costumes or sound engineering…just to name a few. You may prefer to get involved in managing the organization, chairing or serving on committees, leading one of Scottish Rite’s many charitable, recreational or educational projects, or just enjoying your participation as a member.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be associating with men who enjoy sharing their skills with others, working together toward common goals, and making this world a better place because they willingly worked to improve it.

Please accept our invitation to petition the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Valley of Green Bay today!


There are two petitions available for a Master Mason to apply for membership in the Valley of Green Bay. The standard Petition (2 pages) is for a Mason to apply who has never been a Scottish Rite member of any other Valley. $40.00 must accompany the Petition.

The Affiliation Petition is for a Mason who was a member of another Scottish Rite Valley and demitted from it. (Demit original must be presented at the time of petitioning). There is no fee for an Affiliation Petition. Dues will be payable the next calendar year.

Valley of Green Bay Petition Front (PDF) | Valley of Green Bay Petition Back (PDF) | Affiliation Petition Form (PDF)