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Within every well maintained organization, silently behind the scenes, there is a group of dedicated individuals working diligently to ensure success. The more effective they are – the less observable they become. This page exists to recognize and say “thank you” to those within the Valley of Green Bay who relentlessly provide for its continuing existence.

Elton J Gofoe
Lodge of Perfection: Thrice Potent Master - 32nd Degree
Edward "Rusty" Mitchell
Council Princes of Jerusalem - Sovereign Prince - 32nd Degree
Robert L Dodson
Chapter of Rose Croix - Most Wise Master - 32nd Degree
Mark Rothe
Consistory - Commander in Chief - 32nd degree
Bradley A Ottum
Valley Treasurer - 33rd Degree MSA
Leland Burlison
Valley Secretary - 32nd Degree MSA
Chris "Skipper" Young
Deputy's Representative
Dennis Korth
Valley Trustee - 32nd Degree
Jeff Gordon
Valley Trustee - 32nd Degree
Nick Brosig
Valley Trustee - 32nd Degree
Thomas S Pinney Jr.
Perpetual Membership Trustee - 33rd Degree MSA
Thomas M Turner
Perpetual Membership Trustee - 33rd Degree
Bradley A Ottum
Perpetual Membership Trustee - 33rd Degree MSA