33rd Degree Recipients

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Sovereign Grand Inspectors-General, 33° and Honorary Members of the Supreme Council The Deputy for the State of Wisconsin selects, and the Supreme Council of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction confers the 33° only on a limited number of 32° Scottish Rite Masons who have performed outstanding service within Scottish Rite or the Masonic fraternity, or who have given exceptional service in some other field of endeavor.

These men wear the White Cap which distinguishes them as Sovereign Grand Inspectors – General, 33° and Honorary Members of the Supreme Council.

In the Valley of Green Bay, portraits of those who have been coroneted as 33° Masons hang on the wall in the main lobby of the NEW Masonic Center.

  • *Illustrious Russell R. Gettleman 33°, MSA 1961
  • *Illustrious Oliver M. Hitch 33° 1970
  • *Illustrious Phillip C. Philbrook 33° 1973
  • *Illustrious Leonard D. Ferris 33°, MSA 1976
  • *Illustrious Robert E. Billings 33° 1977
  • *Illustrious Ralph F. Knowlton 33°, MSA 1979
  • *Illustrious Emery J. Ansorge 33° 1981
  • *Illustrious Raymond L. Hoeft 33° 1981
  • Illustrious Thomas S. Pinney Jr. 33°, MSA 1985
  • *Illustrious William B. Dresser 33°, MSA 1988
  • *Illustrious W. Sheridan Huss 33° 1989
  • *Illustrious Bernard W. Huebner 33°, MSA 1990
  • *Illustrious William E. Wenszell 33° 1993
  • Illustrious Gary J. Cornelissen 33° 1994
  • *Illustrious Charles S. Crouse 33°, MSA 1995
  • Illustrious James S. Wade 33°, MSA 1999
  • Illustrious Thomas M. Turner 33° 2002
  • *Illustrious A. Wayne Paschke 33°, MSA 2003
  • Illustrious Kent R. Pauli 33° 2005
  • Illustrious Craig J. Cloutier 33° 2011
  • Illustrious Dennis V. Siewert 33° 2012
  • Illustrious Peter R. Scheinert 33°, MSA 2012
  • Illustrious Bradley A. Ottum 33°, MSA  2017


“The Thirty-third Degree confers on those Freemasons who are legitimately invested with it, the quality, title, privilege, and authority of Sovereign, Supremorum, Grand Inspectors-General of the Order. The peculiar duty of their mission is to teach and enlighten the Brethren; to preserve charity, union, and fraternal love among them; to maintain regularity in the works of each Degree, and to take care that it is preserved by others; to cause the dogmas, doctrines, institutes, constitutions, statutes, and regulations of the Order to be reverently regarded, and to preserve and defend them on every occasion; and, finally, everywhere to occupy themselves in works of peace and mercy.”**

** From the Latin Constitutions of 1786 Articles I and II, the Thirty-third and Last Degree. The Protector and Conservator of the Order.