30th Degree

30° Grand Inspector
This degree teaches that we should give every man the benefit of innocence and purity of intentions. He who would judge others must first judge himself.

30thCast of Characters
First Judge
Second Judge
Third Judge
Hugh of Humby, Sgt. of the Law (Counsel for Plaintiff)
Thomas FitzSimon, Sgt. of the Law, (Counsel for Defendant)
Sir Herman (The Plaintiff)
Alan, a Herdsman, Serf to Sir Herman
Ralph of Bideford, a Pilgrim
Richard O’Banbury, a Tinker
Higg, Son of Snell, Scrivener to Sir Herman
Robert FitzWalter, a Templar
Sir William, a Knight Kadosh (The Defendant)
Clerk of the Court
Court Usher
Apprentice to Hugh of Humby
Apprentice to Thomas FitzSimon
Captain of the Guard
Four Men-at-Arms