24th Degree

24° Brother of the Forest
This degree teaches that a mutual belief in one true, living God should bind men together in the service of humanity and in a worldwide brotherhood.

24thCast of Characters
John Martland, Worshipful Master
George Stewart, Senior Warden
Peter Huse, Junior Warden
Lynn Goff, Senior Deacon
Malcolm Thomas, Junior Deacon
Thomas Eccleston, Secretary
Adam Pratt, Treasurer
Samuel Linn, Member
John Saxton, Member
Thomas Potter, Member
Carl Medford, Member
George Johnson, Member
Several Other Members Of The Lodge

Chief Spotted Eagle, Nipmunk Indian
Brave Red Eagle, Cherokee Indian
Brave Flying Cloud, Narragansett Indian
Brave Running Stream, Montauk Indian
Brave Light Foot, Delaware Indian
Carl Linn, Young White Man
Several Other Indians