23rd Degree

23° Knight of Valor
This degree teaches that impure thoughts and selfish, unworthy ambitions are corrupting and destructive, and that a man who forgets his duty to family, country, and God will be morally and spiritually destroyed.

23rdCast of Characters
Boatswain’s Mate Owens
Father John P. Washington, Third Chaplain
Rabbi Alexander D. Goode, First Chaplain
Rabbi Goode Sr.
Reverend Clark V. Poling, Fourth Chaplain
Reverend Daniel V. Poling, D.D.
Reverend George L. Fox, Second Chaplain
Reverend Robert C. Richards
Seaman Morton
Wyatt Fox
Private Broman
Private Eskew
Private Evans
Private Lemke
Private Levin
Private Siedschlag
Private Zieman